World Class Waterjet Cutting Systems

Water Jet Sweden develop, design and build world class waterjet machine systems tailored to meet specific customer needs. The product range is divided into four main categories. Standard Category are entry level machines with a wide range of optional functions. Select Category are highly bespoke machine systems optimized by flexibility and customer adaptation. Micro Category offers the micro cutting process for fine parts and micro components. Special Category are unique machine projects based on special customer requirements.

Product overview


FiveX / FiveX Ultra

Forefront technology for advanced free form cutting

FiveX machines are commonly used in high tech industry sectors, built with our most advanced technology and with an exceptional stable design to be able to repeatedly perform high precision free form cutting of full 3D components. Large-scale 5-axis processing allows the advantages of the waterjet p...



Robust, heavy duty waterjet cutting system, for all shapes, and large or odd sizes

Extremely versatile with a wide range of design options. Grand offer the largest tables sizes with a robust heavy-duty design to manage large and odd size materials. Thanks to our worldwide patented guide system all machines have the same tolerance, independent of size. You get the same high perform...



Versatile, top of the line cutting systems, in all sizes, from 2D to advanced five axis cutting in 3D

The Premium machine is an versatile and efficient machine tool that can be found in almost any professional job shop or industry. With a huge range of optional settings it can be designed to meet a wide range of cutting requirements, both 2D and 3D cutting. Based on Water Jet Sweden top class mechan...



A complete entry level cutting tool fully equipped for 2D abrasive cutting

T-model is such a rare thing as a high-performance entry level waterjet cutting machine. Built by the same people and the same quality design principles as our other machine models. The machine comes in two sizes, 2 x 3 meter or 2 x 6 m, to fit a wide range of material sizes and cutting needs. T-mod...



A straight forward water jet system for full time 2D abrasive cutting

The H-model is a straight forward 2D quality waterjet cutting system. The machine system is based on Water Jet Sweden world patented gantry design for long life and consistent performance. The H-model is a multi-purpose cutting tool suitable for prototype workshops, spare part- or in-house job shops...



A fundamental Select model for high performance 2D cutting machine tool

The X-series is commonly used for in house production and small production series. It has all the basic features you need for high precision 2D cutting, for both 4000 or 6000 bar technologies. The X-series machine has a single Z-movement where multiple cutting heads (PWJ) or a second cutting head (A...



High precision cutting tool for fine parts and micro components

The Micro machine is specially designed to cut at high precision with extreme tolerances. The Micro cuts fine details with very little material loss. Features WJS Micro Cutting Head – a state of the art precision tool producing one of the most precise abrasive water jets in the world. Mineral Casti...



Customized solutions for all kind of production needs

Our product range is broad and flexible enough to fit almost any demand in the market. If you think that is not enough we can offer machines from the Special Category. Special machines are based on the same quality principles as all other models, but are designed for very specific customer needs. Ea...


KMT Waterjet Ultra High Pressure pump series 3800 bar

STREAMLINE SL-VI STD KMT Waterjet Ultra High-Pressure entry-level pump 3800 bar For application which do not require a maximum pressure of 4,137 bar, KMT WATERJET SYSTEMS offers the STREAMLINE SL-VI STD high pressure pump as a lower priced alternative still featuring KMT’s advanced pump technology. ...


KMT Waterjet Ultra High Pressure pump series 4100 bar

KMT Waterjet STREAMLINE SL-VI systems use the latest technology and very smart design for easy of use, realiability and convenience. The result is a system that delivers highest efficiency and profit. KMT STREAMLINE SL-VI 60 000 PSI/4137 bar pumps are available in a range of horsepower sizes and in...


KMT Waterjet Ultra High Pressure pump series 6200 bar

The industry’s most powerful combination of horsepower and pressure With the introduction of the 6,200 bar PRO technology, KMT Waterjet Systems brought waterjet cutting to a new level. As a result of the continuous efforts to further advance this technology, KMT developed the new optimized SUPRALIFE...


Proven technology with high standard of equipment and first-class price-performance ratio

  ECOTRON® is available in the power classes 11 kW to 45 kW. The operating pressure of 4,000 bar is the perfect balance between long maintenance intervals and high cutting speed. ECOTRON® is our basic model with flow rates between 1.2 and 4.3 l per minute and an operating pressure of 4,000 bar....


The professional pump with a high-volume flow for multiple head applications,. Even pressure signal for high productivity.

  Proven 4,000 bar technology combined with high flow rates – greatly appreciated by the professionals. Especially for multiple-head applications, HYTRON® always ensures the required volume of high-pressure water. HYTRON® provides 6.0 or 7.6 l per minute with 4,000 bars. Whether you are using t...


The next step in pump technology evolution: Energy-saving, highly efficient and professional

SERVOTRON® is available in the power classes 37 kW and 45 kW. Its operating pressure of 4,000 bar has been considered to be the optimum in the professional waterjet cutting sector for years. The Austrian technical control board has confirmed that up to 24% energy can be saved with SERVOTRON® in a co...


A 6,000-bar pump – specifically designed for increased productivity.

Absolute top performance: Faster than conventional high-pressure pumps With HYPERTRON®, you can reach a 30 to 50 % higher cutting speed and energy efficiency thanks to ultra-high-pressure technology. It does not matter here if you want to work with two cutting heads or only with one cutting head, HY...

WJS 2D Cutting Tool

An all purpose tool for 2D cutting in any kind of materials.

The 2D cutting tool is extremely versatile and offers many possibilities which allows optimization for different types of productions, such as unmanned operation and material adaptations. The Z-axis it is mounted on is prepared for a range of functional tools, like Height Sensor, Head Protection Pac...

WJS Alphajet TVL cutting tool

Taper angle control for perpendicular waterjet cutting

Alphajet has a compact design which means less weight and less limitations on the work area. This is extra beneficial for those who want to arm their machine with more than one cutting tool. You can fit up to four Alphajets on the same machine, thereby quadrupling the cutting capacity, still keeping...

WJS Beveljet 60 Cutting Tool

For Bevel cutting and advanced 3D shapes

Five axis interpolations manage both bevel and free form 3D cutting. At first designed for sheet metal cutting with a 0-60° cutting angle for bevel cutting, taper angle control, and shaping of advanced sheet metal parts. A fully vector based calculation in Fanuc for TCP improve cutting quality. Sinc...

WJS 3D Cutting Tool

Designed for shaping large 3D parts in space

A 3D cutting tool designed to manage cut advanced 3D shapes in different work planes. The WJS 3D Cutting Tool is only available on our FiveX machine model, since the Z-axis movement of 1000 mm and 0-90° cutting angle requires exceptional machine stability and enhanced safety. A fully vector based ca...

Pure Waterjet Cutting Head

Only water, cutting any soft material

Pure waterjet (PWJ) cutting head use only a high pressure jet stream of water to cut extremely narrow cuts at 0.1 mm. As there is no abrasive required for this process the cutting head just consists of a pressure valve and orifice. It is possible to mount up to 16 cutting heads along a common beam, ...

Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Head

Processing all kind of hard materials

An abrasive waterjet (AWJ) cutting head consists of four main parts: pressure valve, orifice, mixing chamber and focusing tube (nozzle). WJS abrasive cutting heads offers a range of different combinations which makes them easy to convert and optimize for various types of cutting conditions. WJS has...

FAWJ Micro Cutting Head

Processing micro parts in hard materials

To cut narrow incisions in hard materials with high precision requires a specially developed waterjet cutting process. FAWJ stands for Fine Abrasive Water Jet (micro waterjet, finecut), and is a unique and world-class cutting process launched in 2008 by Water Jet Sweden. The FAWJ Micro cutting head ...


A waterjet specific CAD/CAM software inspired by AutoCad

IGEMS Software Company have a long tradition of developing advanced CAD-, CAM-and NEST software solutions in close cooperation with waterjet manuafacturers around the world. Today IGEMS from Sweden is one of the leading waterjet CAD/CAM software in the world since it is specifically develped a speci...


Advanced 3D waterjet cutting has never been easier

IGEMS also offers an advanced and easy to use 3D software for five-axis cutting with Beveljet 60® and WJA FiveX machines. With the 3D software – IGEMS 3D5X – it is a simple process to generate toolpaths on 3D models from STEP and IGES files. Easy to learn and easy to use and fast to run ...

Edgecut (Panel One HMI)

A modern way to operate a CNC Waterjet Machine

Edgecut software in PanelOne® HMI is the operator interface for all Select and Special machine models. Edgecut SW is a modern way to operate your CNC-machine. With a clean design and user-friendly interface that is quick to learn and easy to manage. You rotate, pan and move around freely and can see...

WJS Touch Screen HMI

Water Jet Sweden specific operator HMI software based on Fanuc Pictures

WJS Touch Screen HMI is the operator interface for all Standard Machine Models. It is a clean interface with all functions necessary for advanced 2D cutting. There is no simulated graphical display of the cutting process, but the operation keys follow the same simple logic used in the more advanced ...

ROS - Remote Operator SW

PC software to integrate CAD/CAM workstation and machine control.

The purpose with this software is to move the CAD/CAM station close to the machine control panel, for quick and easy setup. The software can be installed in any standard PC station. It is combining the CAD/CAM programming and machine operation into the same unit. While in the machine access area, th...

Function Tools

Tools for hazard free, smooth and efficient job handling

Collision Sensor – A collision sensor is mounted directly onto the nozzle and protects the nozzle when cutting in 2D. If a collision between the sensor and material takes place both the water and sand supply will be terminated immediately as well as the machine instantly going into feed hold. ...

Operation Features

Features for professional operations and work station efficiency

Zero Point Indicator – A laser point indicator that allows a machine operator to precisely position the jet at a work piece Zero-point location. The laser beam is activated from the HMI and using the joystick you quick and easy move the axis into selected position to set the Zero-point. Work Piece I...

Abrasive Supply Systems

Enabling any level of productivity

Abrasive Pressure Vessel – The pressure vessel has a 200l capacity (About 480 Kg with Australian or Indian Garnet 80 Mesh). With sensors for low level and empty pressure vessel, the operator sees status direct on machine panel. Abrasive Tower– For quick and easy replenishment of the abra...

Abrasive Removal Systems

Improves work environment, productivity and machine system lifetime

We recommend that all WJS customers include an abrasive removal system in their machine solution. It is a valuable investment even if you cut just a few hours a week. Keeping the water tank clean from abrasive sludge gives huge benefits for the overall work environment and you avoid problems with a ...

Work Table Options

Work table grid options for different needs

The work table grids are placed on/in the stainless-steel cutting tank. For all Water Jet Sweden machine systems (except Micro) the cutting tank is a standalone item. The purpose of this is to keep cutting accuracy even after hours of cutting. A standalone tank avoids that the frame and cutting tool...

Work Zone Protection

Optimize work station layout according to you production facility requirements

A water jet cutting system is a very precise and high-tech machine tool, but if not used correctly the powerful jet beam can be dangerous for both operator and machine. All Water Jet Sweden machines follow European Union Machine Directives and are CE-certified. Machine Guards – The machine gua...

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    FAQ water jet cutting machine

    How does a water jet cutting machine work?

    A water jet cutting machine uses highly focused water jets for cutting work. This non-thermal cutting process is as follows:

    • water is filtered and fed into the cutting heads with several thousand bar pressure.
    • The cutting heads move according to a fixed pattern over the material
    • The focused water jet cuts

    In the meantime, the material also uses abrasives, depending on the material. Thus, high-precision cuts can be carried out without thermal distortion even on materials of various types and thicknesses.

    Where can I get support for my waterjet cutting machine?

    If you have problems with your water jet cutting machine, Water jet Sweden is always available for you. We offer these services around your system: 24 hours support via our hotline Original Spare Parts in custom-made comprehensive service and maintenance contracts Support in the process of expansion and relocation You need support in the operation of your Waterjet cutting machine? We also conduct appropriate training on site. Please contact us.


    How much does a water jet cutting machine cost?

    The costs of a water jet cutting machine vary greatly with the requirements of the customer and are therefore always determined individually. Important information on the following points:

    • Desired size of the working zone
    • Desired number of cutting heads
    • Desired cutting method (2D / 3D)
    • Material to be processed

    A waterjet cutting machine can also be equipped a range of function tools and features at an added cost to support your speciifc production requirements. In addition to the acquisition costs, the cost of water, electricity, abrasives and ware parts should be taken into account in the planning.

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