A waterjet specific CAD/CAM software inspired by AutoCad

IGEMS Software Company have a long tradition of developing advanced CAD-, CAM-and NEST software solutions in close cooperation with waterjet manuafacturers around the world. Today IGEMS from Sweden is one of the leading waterjet CAD/CAM software in the world since it is specifically develped a specifically for Waterjet cutting machines, inspired by AutoCad and very easy to learn.

A range of powerful tools to easily and quickly generate efficient CNC files that will optimize the waterjet cutting process and give you a high-quality finish. Configurable reports for the machine operator and sales tools for quotations will be automatically generated in order to maximize your production. IGEMS is a module based system and offer a wide range of service modules.

IGEMS Service Modules:

CAD Module – Powerful and easy to use CAD system, inspired by AutoCad.

CAM 2D – Quality control, lead-ins, piercing types, tool path creation, marking technology, common cut lines, time and cost calculation, reports etc.

Data Exchange –DXF, DWG, EPS and parametric file importers

Sign Maker – Image converter, converts shapes (JPG, BMP etc.) to CAD geometry

AWJ – Advanced material/feed rate control settings, material database provided

Nesting Level 1 – Basic nesting features

Nesting Level 2 – Advanced nesting with multi head control, nest for common cut lines, multiple sheets etc.

CAM Tools – Advanced CAD commands for geometry optimization such as; cleanup, edgefix, contour error analyzer, object replace etc.

Tile Maker – For tiles with inlays. Automatically separates geometry, nests and creates the CNC file.

Organizer – Database for parts, sheets and production management. Included is also filters and reports.

Piping Library etc – Generates 2D shape; Puzzle-For puzzle creation; Pocketing-Special pocketing cutting.


Christian Svensson

Global Sales

Peter Rüdén

Global Sales

Five year performance warranty

We guarantee that all our machines keep the same tolerance level after five years as when the machine was first delivered.

Lifetime support by waterjet specialists

Our service team is highly specialized within the field of water jet cutting. Via our hotline support, our technical expertise is available on a 24/7 basis.

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