Less tool wear and almost any shape

There is an increased use for composite materials in many industries, yet there are few machine tools that are really suitable for processing these materials. One major challenge is tool wear. Usually, water jet cutting implies no extra tool wear and also offers the option to cut almost any shape. This is why this technology is widely considered the best alternative for composite processing.

The term composite comprises a wide range of materials with different characteristics: Kevlar, carbon fibre, glass fibre, non-woven materials, composite resins, etc. Therefore, what cutting process will turn out most efficient depends on the the material – Abrasive Water Jet cutting (AWJ), Fine Abrasive Water Jet cutting (FAWJ) or Pure Water Jet cutting (PWJ).

What setup is optimal for your material characteristics? Let us find the best cutting solution for you.


SAAB Kockums using water jet technology

Kockums (a world-class marine technology supplier) cutting large carbon-reinforced sandwich constructions by using water jet technology.

Swedish Water Jet Lab, Formula student car

Our local partner Swedish Waterjet Lab in Ronneby, Sweden, cuts details in carbon fibre and aluminum for a formula student car project at ETH in Zürich.

Cutting carbon sandwich panel for lightweight car

A carbon sandwich panel is framework in the lightweight car project Green Team Twente in Netherlands.

The panels are very difficult to cut which was solved by WJS customer Watersnijtechniek Winterswijk using water jet technology The video gives a brief view of the process.


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