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Do you wish to develop a new market and become a part of our global network of local Water Jet Sweden representatives? Our products are global, but we also know that business is always local. If you have demanding customers, in high tech industries, work with high quality suppliers, in close relationship with your customers - you most likely will just at home within our team.

We support your business objectives     

Core values like quality, service and good customer relationships are common denominators for all our agents. We also know that the business environment can be quite different between markets. Each market is unique and must be treated that way. Your success is our success. We support you with decades of waterjet experience, skilled sales reps and specialist engineers and technicians, to make sure we are successful together.


You help us develop our business

From the first machine we built in 1993 a combination of technical experience and customer requirements that has been the driving force behind our success. Over the year this has brought us into some of the most advanced and demanding industries in the world. Today we are famous for making long lasting, high quality machines, specific to customer needs. Being close to the local market, you help us developing our business further.


Lennart Svensson


Klas Wallström


Ronny Martinsson

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Klas Wallström




If you have questions, please call us at +46 457 455 440 or fill in the contact form and we will get in touch.

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