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Abrasive waterjets are ideally aluminum cutting

Waterjet cutting is suitable for cutting metals that may be adversely affected by heat, such as aluminum. This demand is particularly widespread in the aerospace and vehicle industries.

Basically, waterjets can process greater metal thicknesses than lasers can, and they can cut more precisely than either plasma or flame jet procedures.

Waterjet cutting aluminum advantages:

  • Material remains unchanged metallurgically
  • No heat-affected zones
  • No worrying smoke or vapors given off
  • Every alloy can be cut

Common applications:

  • Vehicle manufacturing industry
  • Assemblies of aluminum, including cast aluminum
  • Mechanical engineering and plant engineering
  • Gears, castings, and assemblies
  • Materials research
  • Material samples without any structural changes, conventional alloys that are difficult to machine, and new materials
  • Motorsport
  • Assembly parts, trim parts, economical single-part production, rapid alterations, in high-tech materials too


Free form aluminum sheet cutting using Beveljet 60 cutting tool


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