High precision cutting tool for fine parts and micro components

The Micro machine is specially designed to cut at high precision with extreme tolerances. The Micro cuts fine details with very little material loss.


  • WJS Micro Cutting Head – a state of the art precision tool producing one of the most precise abrasive water jets in the world.
  • Mineral Casting Bearlit Table Frame – For excellent stiffness, accuracy and absorption.
  • Renishaw Invar Scale – with extremely low expansion coefficient and high resolution.
  • Palletized Cutting Table – offer outstanding opportunities for fixturing.
  • Rubber Suspended Stainless Steel Catcher – to avoid vibration and thermal influence.
  • Software Controlled Abrasive Feeding – to sense feed rate, blockage and critical level in abrasive buffer.

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Technical Data

Construction: Gantry
Frame: Welded
Cutting Table/Tank: Stainless Steel
Cutting Table Frame: Mineral Casting Bearlit®
Motion System: Ballscrew / Renishaw RESOLUTE RELA® invar scale
Control Unit: Panel One HMI
CNC control system: Fanuc
Process: FAWJ compatible
Pressure Technology: 4000 bar
Machine size: 1×1 m (3’3”x3’3”)


Maximum piece thickness: 100 mm (3.9”)
Positioning Accuracy: ± 0.01 mm/300 mm (0,0004”/11.8”) (20°C ± 2°)
Repetition Accuracy: ± 0.008 (± 0.0003”) mm (20°C ± 2°)

Five year performance warranty

We guarantee that all our machines keep the same tolerance level after five years as when the machine was first delivered.

Lifetime support by waterjet specialists

Our service team is highly specialized within the field of water jet cutting. Via our hotline support, our technical expertise is available on a 24/7 basis.

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