The professional pump with a high-volume flow for multiple head applications,. Even pressure signal for high productivity.


Proven 4,000 bar technology combined with high flow rates – greatly appreciated by the professionals. Especially for multiple-head applications, HYTRON® always ensures the required volume of high-pressure water.

HYTRON® provides 6.0 or 7.6 l per minute with 4,000 bars. Whether you are using two or four abrasive cutting heads simultaneously, HYTRON® provides continuously adjustable pressure from ten to 4,000 bar. The two chamfered pressure intensifiers create an optimal cut.

Conventional working principle with even pressure

Two pressure intensifiers are controlled with two axial piston pumps and aligned for an optimal pressure course with the electronic control of the proportioning valve.

HYTRON® is equipped with two pressure intensifiers as standard. The strokes are controlled electronically; pressure variations are minimised in combination with a large 2.49 l pulsator. The result is a good cut even with high flow rates.


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Global Sales

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Global Sales

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Manager Customer Service

Five year performance warranty

We guarantee that all our machines keep the same tolerance level after five years as when the machine was first delivered.

Lifetime support by waterjet specialists

Our service team is highly specialized within the field of water jet cutting. Via our hotline support, our technical expertise is available on a 24/7 basis.

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