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FiveX Ultra, model name NC5 Ultra, change the scene of 5-axis waterjet cutting. The new machine concept is a compact and standardized version of the top-of-the-line machine model FiveX (NC5). The new FiveX Ultra makes advanced waterjet cutting available to a broader market.

Anything and anyhow

FiveX Ultra is designed for all businesses with the ambition to broaden their service from 2D to complete 3D cutting. When there is a demand for complex parts or advanced processing, FiveX Ultra will do the job, on all kinds of materials.

Compact and stable

FiveX Ultra comes in standard measures 3 x 2 meters with full size walls and Fanuc dual-check-safety. With electrical cabinet attached to the frame and quick water level adjustment integrated it has a compact and modern design. The Z-beam is lightweight and stiff due to its carbon fiber core and new X-beam design rest on the stable frame. Design features that enable a faster movement with extreme accuracy.

3D features included

FiveX Ultra comes with the new, compact WJS 5AX Ultra cutting head, which has a > ± 120° cutting angle and process in full 3D. Work Piece Indicator (Renishaw Probe) in included for preparing advanced 3D cutting, and the new work space LED lighting enhance visibility. A 200 liter abrasive hopper is included as standard accessory and the is a range of high pressure pump options from BFT, Hammelman and KMT, to meet a variety of energy and power requirements.

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