Technology news at the Waterjet Annual Show 2016


Each Waterjet Annual Show the ambition is to give all visitors state of the art live demos of front-end waterjet technology and a good view of the complete product portfolio. This is managed by combining a set of demo machines with some state of the art customer machine projects ready for delivery.

Perfect machine setup

This time there was a perfect setup for an interesting event last week of January. There was a large FiveX machine, designed for free form cutting in different work planes, ready for delivery to a customer in the Chinese market. A customer specializing in cutting non-metallic materials like ceramics and composites.

With a cutting space of 8.4 cubic meters (3000x4000x700 mm), a repetition accuracy of 0.030 mm and at 6200 bar, the FiveX-demo draw a lot of attention among the visitors. The machine was programmed by IGEMS new 3D CAD/CAM software which was presented separately afterwards in the special auditorium.

Water Jet Sweden has become famous for advanced multi cutting head applications, and of course there was a 4 x 6 meter machine with six (!) independent cutting units. Each cutting unit individually CNC controlled, thus increasing productivity by reducing downtime between jobs. A modern solution for a German water jet cutting specialist with many years in the business, and with many big international high tech industries as customers.

Launching a new Machine concept

The show started with the launch and demo of a completely new machine concept– the T-model. An entry level machine for a new market segment designed to meet five basic requirements: I would be 3 x 2 meters to fit into a container, to keep transport cost down. I should be easy to install and easy to operate, and it should have a market price around € 100 000. Still it should have similar quality and same service as all other machines from Water Jet Sweden, being produced in Ronneby, Sweden. Therefore the new T-model will also have a five year extended mechanical warranty.

Event exceeding expectations

The customer machines and new product launch was combined specific demo machines. A Micro machine demonstrating micro parts manufacturing and a Premium model, armed with a Beveljet cutting tool, demonstrating high precision 3D sheet metal cutting, giving a good overview of the complete product portfolio.

The display was backed up with presentations about maximizing the machine efficiency by Customer Service Manager, Ronny Martinsson and a summary of the R&D projects at Swedish Waterjet Lab by Anders Jönsson, Doctor in Water Jet Technology.

– The timing was perfect since we had all segments of our product portfolio for display. This this year’s event has broken all expectations, with visitors from all over the world, and a majority interested in purchasing a new machine from Water Jet Sweden, summarize Lennart Svensson, CEO at Water Jet Sweden

At the evening banquet while eating, drinking and socializing, Lennart took the opportunity to congratulate a new customer to the Water Jet Sweden family, after signing a machine order during the event. Most likely there will be more new family members in a near future.





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