AB Vandskæring invests in the company's largest machine to date


AB Vandskæring brings the machine park up to date with a new machine to handle the largest task in the company’s history

Now the machine park at AB Vandskæring in Støvring, Denmark is expanding. Since the company’s inception in 1997, the two owners, Finn Andersen and Jan B. Kristiansen, have been conscious of continuously investing in new machines to keep up with the times. When a customer came with a large order that none of the current machines could handle, it was time to make a new investment.

“We have just completed a large order for water cutting of 100 duplex sheets of 30-80 mm wall thickness. In order to meet such a large order of a total of 600 tons, we have strengthened our production with a new machine from Water Jet Sweden,” says Finn Andersen.

The machine has a machine area of 3 x 7 meters and is equipped with three individual cutting heads to ensure maximum efficiency. It can handle sheets up to 8 tons and with a thickness of 200 mm.

“It is typically the wind turbine and food industry that demands complex and large orders, where we have to handle the very large plate sizes. We can do this with the new machine, which is particularly in demand for offshore areas,” says Jan B. Kristiansen.

Equipped for the future

With the investment in place, AB Vandskæring is ready to accept similar orders.

“Now we have installed the machine and we have solved the first task, so now we are ready to handle similar tasks. The investment is of course a result of the fact that we want to continue to innovate and continue to deliver high-quality products with short delivery times. Therefore, we have once again chosen Water Jet Sweden, which lives up to our demands for both quality and fast delivery,” concludes Finn Andersen.

The addition of the new machine means that AB Vandskæring can deliver all tasks within waterjet cutting – from 0.5 to 200 mm.

The machine is a Grand Model and has three individual cutting heads that ensure maximum production capacity. (Picture: AB Vandskærin)

About AB Vandskæring

AB AB Vandskæring is one of Europe’s largest within 2D and 3D waterjet cutting. The company was founded in 1997 by the two owners Fin Andersen and Jan B. Kristiansen. Since its inception, the ambition has been to keep up with developments in machinery and technology to meet customer needs. AB Water Cutting handles all tasks within waterjet cutting of materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass and tiles.


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