A cold cutting method offering unique benefits

Metal cutting by the Abrasive Water Jet cutting process (AWJ) is a major area of application for water jet technology. Finely grained sand combined with the ultra-high pressure water beam creates a powerful cutting tool, cutting up to 300 mm thick metal into any shape. This is a cold cutting process with fine cuts and very little additional work needed.

A water jet system offers outstanding flexibility and is easily adjusted for each specific cutting requirement. Use one or several cutting heads. Use 2D or 3D cutting and add some functional tools for added efficiency.

When cutting metals, the water jet technology offers a range of obvious benefits.

  • No heat-affected zones
  • No micro cracks
  • Satin-smooth cutting edge
  • No mechanical stress
  • High precision
  • Fine details
  • Minimum tool diameter
  • Multiple cutting heads

With narrow cuts (0.2-0.3 mm) and ultrafine abrasive water jet has become a new method for cutting precious metals and special alloys.

Let us find the best cutting solution for you.


Cutting 200 mm thick titanium

Sparks fly while cutting 200 mm thick titanium for a customer.

The world´s largest water jet cutting centre

The world´s largest water jet cutting centre, Jiangzu Daming, specializing in stainless steel.

Demonstrating the cutting of a metal tube

Demonstrating the cutting of graphic elements. Water jet cutting a metal tube.


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